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The Chicken Rescue

the chicken rescue

About Us

rescue & provide sanctuary


We give hens and roosters who have been rescued and undergoing rehabilitation a safe refuge and sanctuary until we can find a loving forever home.



​Most rescued chickens come to us in need of care due to neglect and / or ignorance on the previous owner's part. They come here filthy and covered in feces, lice, leg mites, apparent undernourishment and weight loss, internal parasites, bacterial infections, lameness, and other health effects from poor diet and neglect. Along with these physical deficiencies, they are sad and depressed. How do we know? Droopy heads, eyes with no sparkle, pale combs, lack of activity, weak voices. We give them Veterinary care to treat the internal and external parasites, we clean them up, provide healthy food, clean water and a comfortable place to sleep. We also give them lots of love and attention. Something they're definitely not used to!



Although we'd like to keep them all as each has a special place in our hearts, we LOVE to see them go to new loving forever homes. We reach out through various channels and offer an adoption process ensuring each and every one of these beautiful birds goes to a wonderful home.